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New technique reduces the need for research animals

Even though the number of research animals has been reduced by more than 50% since the 1990s, millions of animals are still used worldwide for research of diseases and their cure. One of the...
Know about the zinc deficiency occurring in womenv

Know about the zinc deficiency occurring in women

Apart from the normal diseases, the zinc deficiency is the problem, which ought to occur in the bodies of the women. Psoriasis is a disease, which ought to occur due to the zinc deficiency....
Hypobaric Chambers

Health Benefits of Using the Hypobaric Chambers

It reverses the effects of air embolism Surgeries can sometimes result in the introduction of air bubbles in the blood streams. They then block the arteries and affect the circulation of blood. This can be...

Acupuncture – effective way to deal with your body

In the contemporary days, many treatments and therapies are available. Some of them cannot be dealt with the several ailments as they may be a severe one or even because of its characteristics to...

Advancement in Medical Technology- Medicine in Future

Advancement in medical technologies has given the chance for physicians to diagnose and treat their patients in an exceedingly additional economical manner. There’s a giant because of the advanced development of medical technology, as...

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