Taking care of the teeth is very important because damage to the teeth hurts the health and appearance of people. However, sometimes the damage is so significant that there is no other way to extract the natural tooth to save the patient’s other tooth and oral health. There are also other reasons to lose a natural tooth. When you refer a dentist because of your lost tooth or teeth, the dentist will assess your oral health and suggest possible tooth replacement methods. One of these methods is dental implants. A trusted dentist providing dental implants in Mississauga states that in this dental method, new artificial teeth are inserted in the jaw bone of patients. Even though these new teeth are false and made of robust ceramics, fortunately, they have a natural and beautiful appearance, and it is not easy to distinguish them from the original teeth. But this method, like other methods, does not have a 100% cure and sometimes has side effects. In this article, we will examine dental implant complications.

What Are the Natural and Temporary Complications of This Method?

What Are the Natural and Temporary Complications of This Method?

All the surgeries a person may do during their lifetime have natural side effects that disappear after some time. Dental implants also have normal and temporary side effects that can include the following:

  • Pain: Pain after this dental process is a normal side effect for all patients, and there is no way to avoid it. Although the pain intensity is different for each person, all people experience this pain.
  • Loose Teeth: The adjacent teeth of the implanted tooth will be slightly loose due to the pressure applied during the surgery. Although this is nothing to worry about because the loose teeth will disappear after about one month, and the tooth will return to its normal state.
  • Swelling and Bruising: Another completely normal side effect of this dental procedure is swelling and bruising of the patient’s mouth, which the majority of patients experience. This problem also disappears after a few days.
  • Tingling and Numbness:This case also occurs in patients’ lips due to this dental surgery and will disappear after a few days.
  • Pressure on the Gums and Teeth:This complication occurs for most patients, but there is no need to worry because, like the other mentioned cases, its effects will disappear soon.

Does This Dental Process Fail?

It is often said that the success rate of this tooth replacement method is so high. Still, there are some cases in which the patient may experience failure.

One of these cases is people suffering from autoimmune diseases. If you are one of the people involved in some autoimmune disease, you should consult your dentist before choosing dental implants as a method of tooth replacement.

A dental implant will not be a good case for you if you are dealing with a severe dental infection. In other cases, one of the necessary prerequisites for dental implants’ success is having strong and healthy teeth and gums.