Since you have learned the basics of oral hygiene, the term fluoride has always been considered so important and effective. However, many people aren’t still aware of how exactly fluoride can impact their oral health and teeth strength. Based on a trusted Coal Harbour dentist, taking care of your oral health is the best way to avoid severe dental issues, and one of the ways to protect your oral health is to use fluoride. Fluoride is essential in most dental care products to keep your teeth healthy and prevent potential dental problems. Here we want to explain why it’s necessary to take the role of fluoride necessary in your oral hygiene if you want to have shiny and beautiful teeth and decrease the change of dental problems over time.

What Is Fluoride?

Scientifically, fluoride is a mineral usually found in fluorine that can merge with water, leading to high fluoride levels in the water. It’s now clear why your dentist emphasizes drinking eight glasses of water daily if you want to improve your oral condition and keep your teeth brilliant. In all countries, there are specific plans to increase the levels of fluoride in water so that community-wide oral health will be protested against common dental problems such as tooth decay and cavities. Make sure you keep your body hydrated and rinse your mouth after brushing with water.

Fluoride Be Beneficial for Your Oral Health

How Does Fluoride Affect Your Teeth?

Fluoride can be used topically or ingested according to your needs and condition. When plaque builds up around your tooth, it weakens the enamel, causing minor or large cavities that lead to tooth decay. Fluoride can help replenish all the lost materials due to those damaging plaque in your mouth. Furthermore, drinking fluoride water can be beneficial, especially at a young age from the new teeth. On the other hand, the fluoride found in dental care products will mix with your saliva and protect your enamel against food acids and sugars. Generally speaking, the benefits of fluoride for your teething can be divided into three groups:

  • Breaks down damaging food acids stuck on your teeth.
  • Eliminates the harmful acids in your mouth.
  • Protects your tooth enamel from becoming weak.

Ways to Use Fluoride Daily

In case you are concerned about your oral health and would like to incorporate more fluoride into your diet and hygiene, here we list helpful ways for you:

  1. Fluoride water: as we mentioned, stay hydrated and drink eight glasses of water or more per day.
  2. Fluoride-rich products: many products are designed to offer a high level of fluoride for interested people. Fluoride content will differ in mouthwashes and toothpaste, so you may choose one based on the amount of fluoride you need.
  3. Professional fluoride treatments: Although it’s not very well-known, many dentists provide excellent fluoride services and treatments for patients who need an extra dental care routine. These procedures reduce the risk of dental cavities and tooth decay and are a part of the treatment for patients with periodontal disease.

Remember to consult your reliable dentist once in a while to determine your oral condition and observe your needs. An experienced dentist can also give you other helpful information about fluoride to know the other ways it can be effective for your oral health.