These days, many people smoke for fun or even as an addiction. Unfortunately, they don’t take the complications of smoking seriously and don’t know how it can bring serious issues. No one wants to have a yellow and unattractive smile because the more attractive your smile is, the more chance you have to make great impressions on others. One of the most damaging things to your smile is smoking. It’s the main cause of a variety of dental emergencies and can put your oral health in great danger. These problems usually happen over time, so you may not notice them immediately. If you or a loved one smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, consider how tobacco increases the risk of facing dental emergencies in the future. Keep reading to understand what dental emergencies smoking causes and why you should quit this damaging habit as soon as possible.

Plaque buildup: A same-day emergency dentist in Scarborough states that one of the leading reasons for tooth decay and other dental emergencies is plaque and tartar buildup. The harmful chemicals in tobacco decrease saliva flow and make your mouth drier than it should be. Therefore, bacteria can cling to your teeth more easily and may not be removed with brushing or flossing. In such cases, you have no option but to visit your emergency dentist for professional cleaning before it gets too late.

Tooth discoloration: Have you ever noticed how smokers usually have discolored teeth? Having stained and yellow teeth is one of the results of smoking. If you are lucky enough, at-home whitening products can make your teeth white and shiny again. Otherwise, your emergency dentist may refer you to a cosmetic specialist to get professional teeth whitening or even dental veneers to remove or hide the tooth discoloration.

Gum disease: The most common cause of smoking is periodontal disease. It’s an infection that makes your gums red, sensitive, bleeding, and swollen. Emergency dentists explain that smokers are twice as likely as nonsmokers to experience periodontal disease in advanced stages.

Oral cancer: Smoking significantly increases the risk of oral cancer and even cancer of the tonsils, lips, throat, and mouth. Research shows that most patients who suffer from oral cancer are used to smoking cigarettes daily.

Bad breath: If you smoke cigarettes, you are probably familiar with smoker’s breath. Although many try to mask it with a mint, the smell will return quickly. It’s not a pleasant experience, especially when you have to talk to others.

Tooth loss: One of the most serious dental emergencies an individual can experience is losing one or more teeth. Unfortunately, smoking increases the risk of tooth loss since it negatively impacts the structure and health of your jawbone. Therefore, the jawbone can’t hold your teeth as it should, and you may lose one or more natural teeth. It may cost you expensive treatments like dental implants to replace the missing tooth.

Slow healing: Typically, smokers should spend a more lengthy healing time compared to others. That’s because the teeth and gums aren’t that healthy to repair quickly after oral surgery or periodontal treatment.

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