Your permanent teeth can be knocked out due to several reasons like a blow to your mouth, a car accident involving your face, playing contact sports, or falling out while riding bikes. Knocked-out teeth are considered a severe dental emergency condition requiring urgent treatments. Based on a dedicated dentist at emergency dentistry in Vancouver, no matter what the emergency dental issue is, any of them can disturb your life and interfere with your daily routines; you should not neglect them at all. Re-implanting knocked-out teeth are available if you take the correct reactions in the initial moments. The following article answers patients’ common questions when they experience knocked-out teeth.

Common Questions When a Tooth Is Knocked-out

What Can I do to Stop Bleeding? Generally, knocked-out teeth are associated with intense bleeding and pain. Please don’t panic. Get a handkerchief, place it over the injured site, and bite it down firmly. Take some over-the-counter medications to relieve your pain but keep in mind to avoid taking aspirin because it can increase your bleeding.

Can Professional Dentists Replace My Knocked-out Teeth? Of course YES, if you visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible, ideally within the first 30 minutes. In some cases, professional emergency dentists can successfully re-insert knocked-out teeth on their sockets up to 60 minutes after injury.

What Should I Do with My Knocked-out Tooth? You should rinse your tooth with milk or tap water but be careful not to touch the root. Next, please get to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

What Should I Do If I Have Got Some Piece of Injured Tooth? In such cases, an x-ray is required to determine if there’s any root damage, so you should contact your emergency dental team as soon as possible.

What Are Different Services Offered by My Emergency Dentists to Restore Knocked-out Teeth? Professional emergency dentists will assess you and treat all types of facial injuries. If you visit the emergency dentist immediately, they will re-implant it successfully. Next, they will take an x-ray to determine if your tooth has been re-implanted successfully. Several check-ups are required for follow-up treatments.

Is Any Other Treatment Needed? Generally, no other treatment is needed if your tooth has been re-implanted successfully. But it should be noted that if your re-implant surgery fails, you can opt for several other cosmetic dental solutions to effectively replace your missing teeth. Dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants are various exceptional methods to help you eliminate the negative consequences of missing teeth. Although each option has specific benefits, experienced and dedicated dentists highly recommend that patients replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants will be inserted into your jawbone through a surgical process, and they can provide the most natural-looking with high durability.

What Can I Do to Avoid Getting a Tooth Knocked out? Although several unexpected events can lead to knocked-out teeth, following some simple instructions can lower the risk of experiencing this severe dental issue. For example, wearing a mouth guard is highly recommended to those interested in playing contact sports because it can protect athletes against a blow to their mouth.