It is known to be an important surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the skull or the jaw to support a dental prosthesis such as the bridge, crown, or facial prosthesis. The tooth implant singapore have somewhat revolutionized the replacement of the teeth as they are readily available for the replacement which gives it a better look and it functions naturally as the original one. The implants for these are known to be titanium cylinders which are placed surgically into the jawbone which has the missing tooth. After being placed they allow the dentist for the process of replacement.

How does the tooth implant work?

The people who go through this problem of the missing teeth, for them the tooth implant is the best option to go for. The tooth implant provides a more natural look as compared to the dentures as they are the artificial teeth that are directly placed to the jawbone. The person using the tooth implant should be in good health and should have a fully developed jawbone along with the healthy gums to support the implants. Generally, they are surgically placed in the jawbone where they play the role of the roots of the missing tooth.

Placing a single implant may require approx thirty minutes while on the other hand, a complex surgery takes up a little longer. After the placement, the patient needs to allow the implant for some time to heal better and fuse with the jawbone.

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Types of tooth implants

From the ancient times there have been two kinds or types of the tooth implant as follows:

  • Endosteal is a kind which refers to the kind of implant that is situated in the bone whereas,
  • Subperiosteal is the other kind that refers to the one that rests on the top of the jawbone beneath the gum tissue. Although these kinds of implants are no longer in the use because of the reason for their poor long term results that they give as compared to the endosteal implants.

Though one of the primary or the major functions of the tooth implant is the replacement still there are few categories in which they can serve the other purposes also related to the dental procedures. The tooth implant singapore can be used to support the removable denture to provide a more secure and comfortable kind of fit. One of the most general problems with this is that people feel discomfort, not pain, therefore this whole procedure of the dental implant is a complex one to go through.

Hence, one going through the problem of the tooth implant or looking for a teeth replacement should be referring to the tooth implant procedures and the types of implant he or she desires as mentioned above.