Living with the space or dealing with full or partial dentures is not your only option if you’ve lost your permanent teeth due to dental issues or trauma. Luckily dental implant is considered the best cosmetic dental option that offers a functional and beautiful tooth replacement to restore the appearance and health of your teeth and smile. Besides, dental implants are the best choice for those looking for a practical method with lasting function because they can last for a lifetime with good oral hygiene. According to the specialists who offer affordable dental implants in Vaughan, replacing you missing teeth is necessary to maintain your oral health and jaw bone density. Please read on to learn why experienced and dedicated dentists highly recommend replacing your missing teeth with this method that is considered the best choice to solve this issue.

All Essential Information about Dental Implants

Generally, an implant consists of a titanium device that should be inserted into your jawbone to act like your tooth’s root. As the next step, the special devices called an abutment, and a crown will be attached to the implant. The final result is a desirable tooth replacement that looks and acts like your natural teeth. Although there are other cosmetic dental solutions to replace missing teeth like dental bridges and dentures, dental implants are lauded as the perfect choice to bring beauty back to your smile because they fit snugly into your jawbone and don’t move or slip at all.

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The Significant Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

According to countless satisfied patients who have replaced their missing teeth with this successful method, there are plenty of benefits to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, and some of the most important advantages are as follows:

-Decreasing The Risk of Severe Oral Issues Like Bone Loss: When you leave a missing tooth untreated for a long time, the reception of the bone will occur. That means the natural appearance of your jaw will be changed due to bone loss. Fortunately, with the help of this practical method, there’s no reason to worry. A dental implant can potentially help you maintain your jaw integrity.

-Creating The Most Natural Look & Function: Once you undergo dental implant surgery, the outcome looks just like the natural teeth surrounding it. You can eat just about anything, and also, you will find enough courage to smile confidently. The most important point that should be noted is that there’s no need to learn new care methods to keep your dental implants healthy, just brushing and daily flossing will provide adequate hygiene.

-Preserving the Health of Surrounding teeth: When you decide to replace your missing teeth with dental bridges, the surrounding permanent teeth must be filed down to apply the bridges, whereas dental implants don’t endanger the health of the remaining teeth.

-Providing High Durability: Unlike all other cosmetic dental solutions to replace missing teeth that require replacement from time to time, your dental implants will last forever with good care.

The Process of Getting Dental Implants Step to Step 

When your professional dentists determine that your gum and jawbone are healthy enough to get dental implants, your surgical procedure will be started by inserting an implant device in your jaw bone. Then a healing time of around 3 or 4 months should pass to let your jaw bone grows around the implanted root. Finally, the artificial tooth called a crown would be placed over the implanted site.