Does your dentist recommend wisdom teeth extraction? Don’t panic! You are not the one who is going to pull out a wisdom tooth. Millions of Australians extract their wisdom teeth every year. In fact, Wisdom Teeth removal Melbourne is a common procedure in dentistry. No one wants to undergo surgery. It is the anticipation that prevents patients from getting the dental care they need. But, the growth of wisdom teeth is inevitable, and they won’t give you bouts of wisdom. Instead, wisdom teeth create a lot of dental problems.

Why are wisdom teeth problematic?

Not everyone develops all four wisdom teeth. Some may get all four, while others get one or won’t get at all. Since dental do not have enough space on the jawline, they get trapped under the gum. This condition is called impaction. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a lot of dental issues, including tooth decay, gum infection, teeth shifting, and cyst. This is why it is essential to remove your wisdom teeth. Whether you are worried about the wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne or surgery, the worst thing a patient can do is ignore them.

Here is what you can expect during wisdom teeth extraction:-


You’ll be administered anaesthesia before having your wisdom teeth removed to numb the tooth and its surrounding area. If you are too anxious about the procedure, you can ask the dentist to give you sedation, including oral sedation, IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and general anaesthesia to help you relax. However, general sedation is rarely needed for a wisdom tooth extraction. Be aware that the anesthesia you choose significantly influences the wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne.

Removal of cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne

A small incision will be made in the gum to access the tooth if it hasn’t come through the gums. A small piece of bones that are covering the tooth will also be removed. The tooth will be cut into pieces to make the process easier to extract them through the opening. If the tooth has erupted through the gum, it is less likely to make an incision. You won’t experience any pain during the procedure, but you’ll feel the pressure when the tooth is pulled out. The time taken to extract the tooth will vary from one patient to another based on the complexity of the case. While simple extraction can take a few minutes, complex procedures can take longer than 20 minutes, especially if the wisdom teeth horizontally impacted. Once the tooth is pulled out, the dentist will clean the area and stitch it if needed.

After surgery

After the surgery, you may experience blood and swelling. But, it is quite common, and it will go off. The dentist will place the gauze over the extraction site and ask you to bite firmly to control the bleeding. Besides, this allows the formation of a blood clot, which aids in healing process. So, try not to dislodge them. Stick to soft drinks and foods on the day of surgery. Don’t forget to take antibiotics and painkillers. You’ll be back to routine in a couple of days.