We all want to find beneficial solutions to get rid of our dental imperfections and help us smile confidently. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry is enriched with a wide variety of practical options that can effectively solve all dental problems, from dental discoloration to misaligned teeth. Teeth whitening, dental bonding, a dental crown or dental veneers are worthy methods to help you achieve the glorious smile of your dream. Another common dental issue that can reduce your confidence to show off your smile in social gatherings is missing teeth. Those suffering from this problem are disappointed to bring beauty back to their physical appearance. But it should be noted dental implants can effectively solve this condition, and no one can distinguish your newly implanted teeth from other natural ones. A dentist at a dental implant center in Scarborough defines this cosmetic dental treatment as follows: an advanced tooth replacement method with a titanium screw inserted in your jawbone that looks and functions as natural teeth. Let’s look at all the essential reasons to persuade everyone to choose dental implants as the most practical option to restore your smile.

All Worthy Benefits of Dental Implants

Although it is simple for all of us to gradually get used to missing teeth, there are several essential reasons to replace them as soon as possible. The most fundamental reason for replacing missing teeth is achieving a glorious smile, but it will potentially benefit your overall health and well-being.

Missing teeth cause some gaps between your teeth that threaten the health of your adjacent teeth and force them to move from their correct position toward the space. As a result, your teeth will become misshaped overtimes. In addition, these empty spaces will provide enough places for bacteria and plaque to grow quickly and cause severe gum diseases.

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However, dentures and dental bridges can provide valuable benefits; they cannot regain the full function of your permanent teeth. Therefore, your experienced and dedicated dentists will recommend you undergo dental implants to achieve a more secure bite and more natural appearance.

What Should You Expect from Dental Implant Surgery?

Generally, dental implant refers to one or more artificial teeth, but they are completely different from dentures. They are the permanent solution because they can potentially support missing teeth and roots. Once your implant surgery is completed, you will again find a chance to return to your regular diet and eat whatever you like. As the first step, your dedicated oral surgeon will insert a titanium post deep into your jawbone, acting like the root of your teeth. When this part of your procedure is completed, a long time is required until the implant site heals. Whenever your healthcare providers ensure the titanium devices are securely bonded with your jawbones, it’s time to perform the next part of the procedure and attach the abutments over the site. Your artificial teeth, called crowns, will be accurately placed over the abutments after about two weeks. If highly-skilled dentists professionally perform your dental implant surgery, you will be amazed by their wonderful results. The most important point that should be noted is that the process of getting a dental implant is lengthy compared with all other restorative methods, so you should wait patiently to achieve your desired results.