Varicose-veins have now become one of the most serious kinds of vein disorders in human beings. If you notice swollen, slightly enlarged and twisted veins in your legs then it is definitely the case of varicose veins. In this respect, nothing can be the best option other than going for an immediate varicose veins treatment London.

The treatment of varicose veins sometimes includes a few prescribed medicines. These medicines can control the signs or symptoms of varicose veins in the most effective manner. Your doctor will definitely prescribe you the perfect dosage or intake pattern of those medicines and you just have to follow them on a sincere note.

varicose veins treatmentSix alternative medicines for varicose veins:

  • Sodium tetradecyl sulphate: Sclerotherapy procedure can be now easily and efficiently conducted with the use of this drug. All kinds of venous malfunctions can be corrected efficiently with it. In most of the cases, the smallest varicose-veins, especially towards lower legs, can be treated by this medicine.
  • Varithena: It is one of the non-surgical options for treating varicose veins. It is quite a popular option and it is often included within every advanced varicose veins treatment London. The dosage of the drug might vary from one patient to another as per the vein condition.
  • Asclera: Legs having varicose veins can be treated with Asclera injections. It is often prescribed by doctors as it is fully FDA-approved. Thus it can be safely utilised during sclerotherapy.
  • Sotradecol: Spider and varicose veins in lower- limbs can be treated efficiently with this sclerosant drug having active components. But the drug can be used only at the time of conducting sclerotherapy.
  • Polidocanol: this sclerosing agent is needed for treating those varicose conditions where dry skin issues have occurred due to internal vein swelling. Uncomplicated reticular and spider veins can now be easily treated with this drug. The liquid needs to be injected at the targeted area and the dosage is controlled completely by the doctor.
  • Morrhuate sodium: Sodium salts from both unsaturated and saturated fatty acids found in cod-liver oil are included within this drug. Primary varicose veins can be obliterated leading to simple dilation. The drug is normally used as one of the best sclerosing agents that can easily treat internal haemorrhoids.

You should always remember that all these medicines are prescribed and thus you cannot take them as OTC drugs. Your doctor will diagnose and analyse your trouble and then on the basis of that will prescribe the most suitable medicine amongst the above options. If you are already having any medicines for any other health issue then you should reveal the same so that the doctor can prescribe you accordingly. Apart from all these medicines, there are certain normal options of varicose veins treatment London that are often recommended to patients.