There is nothing risky when you have different kinds of contraception techniques for suiting various requirements. Actually, the methods of contraception are for avoiding pregnancy and few things which will also safeguard from the infections which are sexually transmitted. Check contraceptive pills Singapore from a site for you to prevent infections and pregnancy. 

Several kinds of contraception methods

Let’s discuss about various kinds of contraception techniques.

The oral contraceptive pill:

This pill is taken orally once in a day. It is the common contraception technique which is used by most of the women for avoiding pregnancy and to not get any infections. You have to pick from the right pill which is the correct option for you. The mini pill comprises of only one hormone a progestin where as combined pill comprises of progestin as well as estrogen. It provides various advantages as it permit sexual activity and doesn’t interrupt the sex actions, effective in a highly manner, and reduces periods that are painful.

The drawbacks involve that only women can use these pills, women who can’t intake estrogen contraceptive is not suitable for this pill, and forgetting to take the people makes it ineffective. You are advised to take the pill only when it is prescribed by the medical expert.

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The contraception form which safeguards against many sexually transmitted infections as well as prevents pregnancy is condom. This contraception technique can be utilized as on demand, and hormone free. You can carry it with you and comes in varieties for male and female. The condoms for the male are rolled onto the penis which is erected and it acts as the barrier physically avoiding the pregnancy. During the sex, it obstructs the fluids to not pass among people having it. The condoms for female can be put into the vagina while having the sexual activity. Depending on the use, the condom for female is not that much effective the male condom. It might take some of the practice.

The advantages involve based on the demand it is hormone free and best for protecting against STIs. The disadvantage is that few individuals are allergic to the condoms made with latex and it can be torn off while having sex.

Intrauterine device:

This is the little and device which is T shaped created from a substance comprising of progesterone hormone or copper made which is fixed inside the uterus of a women by provider of health care. It is the contraception method which is long acting and reversible which can be kept in one place for three to ten years based on the kind you are using. Few of this IUDs comprise of hormone which are released to stop pregnancy. It can also be effective contraception during emergency if a health care professional fits it for 120 hours of having the sex which is unprotected.

It comprises of hormones up to 99.8 percent and copper of about ninety percent. The advantage is you are safeguarded in having protective sex using this method. The drawback includes use of this leads to spotting and irregular bleeding in the starting six months of utilization. It needs a provider of health care to insert and remove it.

Thus, these are some of the contraceptive method types which can be used by an individual.