Men and women alike love the bearded look these days. The rugged, rusty look has replaced the clean shaved look. From the long stubble to the goatee, from the French fork to the Van Dyke beards are of many shapes, sizes and styles. However, maintaining a beard in its perfect shape and texture is no easy task. But as has beards come back into fashion so have millions of products and fashion guides to take care of it.

With its increasing demand and popularity, natural beard oil is the hero to the perfect shiny, smooth, glossy beard. Just like any other oil beard oil also functions to smoothen and soften your beard. Reaching straight into the hair follicles it nourishes your beard from within making it strong, shiny and smooth. Helping to retain the natural moisture of the hair from within, these oils prevent dryness, itchiness and rashes.

Beard oil is just a simple concoction of essential oil with carrier oil having great benefits. The essential oil can vary from rosemary, lavender oil to lemongrass oil. It is usually mixed with carrier oil derived from all natural nuts or seeds like sweet almond oil or argan oil or jojoba oil. The carrier oil comprises about 90% of the oil mixture and imparts great benefits of its own. Sometimes beard oils have an extra hint if Vitamin E or castor oil to benefit your hair and its growth.

The all natural beard oil is a must-have for anyone and everyone for maintaining a smooth healthy beard. But choosing your beard oil correctly is important. With beard oils available from multiple brands and across various price ranges one might sometimes get confused. But knowing your skin-type is often useful in making a choice. All essential oil does not suit everybody. It is therefore important to choose the right combination of essential oil and a carrier oil and also to see if the concoction is rightly balanced.

A beard if well groomed can not only add to your look but also your personality. But it can do just the opposite if it is ill kept. So keeping your beard trimmed, tidied and nourished is very important to prevent it from looking like a matted or messed up tuft of hair. Natural Beard oils, therefore, are an absolute necessity to a healthy piece of manly beard or a short trimmed goatee.