If your facial skin reflects the image of painful past breakouts, then you may prefer to get an effective acne treatment that can deal with the blemishes and scars on your skin. It is imperative to get a consultation from your dermatologist for choosing the right procedure of the acne scar removal. Read on further to know some of the important things that impact the kind of treatment you should opt for minimising the appearance of acne scars.

Different types of acne scars include macules that are flat red spots that remain for weeks after the appearance of a lesion. Upon healing, the acne scar leaves behind a dark discoloration in the skin. Apart from this, enlarged and raised tissue may result. On the other hand, there can be sunken or fibrotic scars appearing like pits in the skin.

There are various types of acne treatments that can help in bringing the skin back to its normal texture and appearance. Scar removal can be important for the people who feel emotionally affected due to them. Moreover, severe acne breakouts can be disfiguring and impact the self-esteem of an individual.

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Various kinds of acne scar treatments

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion: This involves the use of high-speed instruments like derma-pen or brush for removal of scar tissue. The healing process involves resurfacing of the skin and the supporting the collagen tissue. It requires a healing period of several days.

When very minute crystals are used in this method, the process is known as microdermabrasion. It is a less intensive method of scar removal and involves no downtime.

Chemical skin peels: This process is administered with the intervention of a qualified doctor, nurse practitioner or nurse whereby a suitable chemical is applied to the affected skin for removal of the outer layer. The fresh layer of skin appears rendering smoothing effect. However, there may be slight redness as well as peeling in the resulting skin for a few days later.

Laser or light treatments: Special frequencies of the laser light may be used for causing resurfacing of the skin. The frequency used in the laser may be varied in accordance with the kind of scar tissues that needs healing. Depending on the type of laser beam and number of treatments, healing may need several days.

It is now possible to get a flawless and healthy looking skin with the right choice of acne treatment.