The surgery is used to treat or repair the anterior cruciate ligament. The anterior cruciate ligament surgery injury mainly occurs to an athlete while playing a sport. The damage is severe and requires surgery. The recovery time of the surgery is quite long. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are prevalent nowadays for athletes. The surgery is needed to maintain a knee joint’s stability and function. The surgery is widespread, but a significant risk factor is involved. ACL is considered one of the most important ligaments in the knee, which helps to keep bones together and connected. It mainly occurs to an athlete playing abrupt movement games such as basketball, football, and soccer.

The procedure of an anterior cruciate ligament surgery

The ACL ligament cannot repair itself, unlike other body parts. Therefore, surgery is required to heal ACL injury. Several tests are done to determine the extent of an anterior cruciate ligament surgery, depending on the area to which the surgery is carried out. Orthopedics helps to repair or replace the damaged ligament with a graft. The surgery serves as one of the best options for athletes to recover completely. The surgery involves an ACL ligament being replaced by a new tissue in the graft. The anterior cruciate ligament surgery is a painful option for athletes. The new grafts are attached after performing small incisions. After replacing the ligament, the surgeon conducts some knee movement tasks to test the movement of a knee.

anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Recovery period with the physiotherapist

It takes about 9 to 12 months to recover entirely from anterior cruciate ligament surgery. It provides complete stability after surgery. There are no alternative options present except surgery. A therapist is required after the surgery to help out with the movement of a knee. The physical therapist provides full support to the patient to walk and run again. The therapist is a very skilled professional. They have various tricks to make the patient rerun. Therapy is considered one of the great options to get the movement of the knee back. A Crutcher is required in the initial months for walking. The therapists help us with our daily tasks related to the movement restrictions.

 It takes about one year to get back into the sport entirely. After a year, the athlete can return to its professional intense workout and sport. The ACL treatments are very beneficial for eradicating the painful ligament tear.