Our body is formed of many complex substances; it derives energy from many food sources. Fat and carbohydrates are not their onlyenergy derivatives; creatinine, keratin, and other forms of energy-giving substances persist too. The human body is made of protein of many types. There are essential and non-essential amino acids, and creatinine is one of the essential amino acids synthesized in our body. It is found in our brain, muscles, bones, and skin. Many people,especiallybodybuilders, use extra creatinine to enhance their capacity and working ability. Any supplement is good only when they have no side effects. Creatine supplements are safe as they are natural and non-toxic to the body.

Creatine supplement brands

Buy from the genuine companies

Any supplement should only be taken under medical supervision or if they are from a trusted company. There are many companies worldwide that many companies worldwide supply extra creatinine, but not all of them are derived from natural sources rendering them harmful. Here is the most honest review about top creatinine supplements to use:

  • Promix- a creatinine supplement free from genetically modified organisms and derived from a natural source. This supplement boosts your muscles, immunity,and strength organically. It is the world’s cleanest supplement for all your creatinine needs. This product comes with a money-backguaranteeafter 90 days of use.
  • Optimum nutrition creatinine supplements- a creatinine monohydrate that boosts muscle building, power, and size. It can even be consumed by all consumers irrespective of their use. It offers two products- the gold standard pre-workout and the optimum nutrition creatinine. The supplement comes in powder and is ideal for consumers who have difficulty swallowing pills.
  • Cellular creatinine supplement- a non-flavored creatinine powder that can be consumed in many ways. It can be mixed with water, in milk, or taken orally as per the consumer’s interest. The powder has many health benefits such as boosting overall health, muscle toning and strengthening,improvingskin elasticity, adding strength to hair and nails, and being very good for the eyes.

The commonly available formulation of creatinine supplements

Creatinine as a supplement is commonly available as powder or pills. Liquid creatinine is not recommended because of its ability to lose its strength over time. Creatinine powder in monohydrate form is the most preferred formulation because it is non-reactive and does not lose its tendency quickly over time. Most importantly, it is easily digestible. The biggest problem with the older formulation was the presence of large particles of creatinine, causing digestive issues, but now companies have brought it down with a new formulation.