Every girl wants to have a beautiful eyebrow. In fact, many girls claimed that “eyebrow is life”. If a girl does not have a nice form of eyebrows, she needs an eyebrow liner. This is the reason why many girls are shopping for an eyebrow product to have a justifiable and well-formed eyebrow. However, for those who are having a problem on deformed eyebrows, a brow lift surgery is the answer. Now, a forehead lift will correct the sagging in the skin, eyebrows and upper eyelids. Some other people get cosmetic surgery or facelift on their nose. 

The 2 types of brow lifts 

Brow lifts have two methods to perform in the forehead and in the eyebrow areas: classic lift and endoscopic lift. Dr Zacharia in Bondi performed both eyebrow surgeries: 

Classic lift. The surgery involves a single continuous cut. It begins at the level of the ears going up around the hairline. It depends on where the hairline is. Dr. Zacharia works to prevent a visible car.

Dr Zacharia in Bondi

Endoscopic lift. The surgeon will make a few shorter cuts in the scalp. A scope will be inserted into one of the cuts. Another device will be inserted in the other cut to make the needed changes. The surgeon used small anchors to protect the tissue. It is because the cuts are smaller. The procedure is less invasive over than the classic lift. This surgery has minimal scarring and a shorter of time recovery. 

The Brow lift consultation

If planning to undergo an eyebrow surgery, meeting to a surgeon for a consultation before the procedure helps a lot. With this visit, a patient can talk about the goals, medical history, and current health. The surgeon will evaluate the entire forehead region. It includes the upper eyelids and to pay attention to the muscles. The surgeon knows what to do like a patient might make a series of facial expressions. With this, Dr. Zacharia can see exactly how to help. A brow lift is another cosmetic surgery for correcting a deeply furrowed or sagging brow. Whilst, a brow lift makes a patient look younger. It will not stop the process of aging. Scarring becomes permanent, but it should fade in time. There can be some lifestyle adjustments to make before the brow lift surgery. The surgeon gives detailed instructions regarding what to do and when it needs to do it. These instructions must be followed by the patient to avoid possible health problems.