Synthetic Urine is premade in laboratories using a clean and safe ingredient that replicates human Urine. Quick fix plus synthetic urine does not contain any traces of drugs, alcohol, or other substances that can harm your loved ones or children’s health.

The Synthetic Urine contains no drugs at all. It trains detectives from the police department, security agencies, and private investigators. But there are many other uses for urine synthetic urine, such as Employment Screening Testing (EST), Drug Testing, Criminal Investigation, Traffic Ticket Writing and …etc.

Synthetic Urine is made of advanced ingredients manufactured in a lab with the highest safety standards to ensure that no toxic or harmful ingredients have been added. This advanced research enhances the test result and gives a better indication of what would happen if you were taking illegal substances.

Drug Testing

Safe and Secure product. It does not contain any traces of drugs or alcohol. Guarantee no false positive.  No cheating or second chances.  Easy to use and easy to store. It can be used with all urine testing kits, urine test cards, and drug tests. Very economical product. Synthetic Urine is a more economical product than its natural counterpart because you will only need a small amount of synthetic Urine to save money in the long run.

It is used in the following areas and applications by laboratories, law enforcement agencies, security companies, private investigators, and much more.

Employment Screening Testing (EST) – It is used to detect the positive result of applicants on their urinalysis drug test. It is an effective way to uncover employees who use illegal drugs or alcohol at work.

Drug Testing – It is used for drug testing to detect the presence of illegal drugs or alcohol in the human body. The authentication of synthetic Urine brings a new level of potency that cannot be matched with any other product on the market. The lab technicians are protected from false positives because it contains specific gravity and Ph levels very similar to human Urine. It is accurate in testing results and gives the ultimate solution to drug detection.

Criminal Investigation – It was used by security agencies, detective firms, and law enforcement agencies to prove the crime of drug use. It is also used as a piece of crucial evidence in court cases to learn the truth of criminal activity.

Traffic Ticket Writing – The urine synthetic urine can detect if the driver has consumed alcohol or illegal substances before driving, which can result in high fines or even prison time. But this will not happen if you use our product because it won’t have any traces of drugs or alcohol inside, so you are safe from the risk of getting high charges.

In conclusion, synthetic Urine is very effective and safe for kids. It is also very helpful in evaluating workers’ drug testing and employee urine screening and as a scientific tool in a criminal investigation.