Anxiety consists of expectinga future threatfroma fuzzy or even inexistent concern. Thus, anxious people tend to overreact to a situation that isonly perceived as subjectively threatening.The good news is that British researchers have revealedthe following three effective techniques to relieve stress and anxiety efficiently.Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways: slight but constant sense of unease, lack of concentration, insomnia, irritation, various pains, or panic attacks. If left untreated, it increases the risk of depression and suicide. When medical treatments are not effective, especially in the long run, it is small daily actions that can change everything.

Make EarlyDecisions

When you are already anxious, the more you think, the worse your situation will get. So, if you feel like you are losing control of your life and making decisions requires a lot of effort, the best way to speed up the process is to start doing what you have to do without too much thought. By trying to do everything perfectly or waiting for the right moment, youmay procrastinate and increaseyour level of stress and anxiety. Getting instantly on the action allows you to spend less time worrying and to gain efficiency. For better effects, you can also do breathing exercises for anxiety.

Fight Against Anxiety

Learn how to Forgive Yourself

Make room for your own humanity. In other words, accept that, just like everyone else, you have the right to make mistakes. It is highly recommended to learn from them but before that, it is crucial not to feel guilty. If some of your friends spend most of their time criticizing you and pointing out each of your mistakes, you will surely be better without them. You have to treat yourself with more kindness and negative persons may deviate you from that goal. People who are suffering from anxiety already tend to judge and criticize themselves severely. Try to change that at all costs. Another tip is to postponethe concern. When you start to feel anxious about a particular matter, you can tell yourself that you will think about it later. In this way, your unconscious mind will have time to step back and avoid feeding your anxiety.

Find a New Goal in Life

According to science, having a fulfilling social life isone of the most effective ways to strengthen our mental health. For people who think they do not have enough good reasons to live and those who do not expect anything from life anymore, it is important to realize that there are people that really need them. You can take care of a child or an elderly person, volunteer, join in a group activity depending on your interests and skills, just find a way to put meaning to your life again.