CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is extracted from hemp seeds or the oil extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant or popularly known as marijuana. Marijuana contains a low level of CBD but a high level of THC, but in the hemp plant, there is a high level of CBD but a low level of THC. CBD is not psychoactive, so it does not make you lose your self-control quickly, whereas THC is highly psychoactive. After smelling a few burnt marijuana plants, you get dizzy, nausea, etc. acts like a narcotic drug. All these things are not banned in the USA. Instead, they are heavily available in the market as these products are used for medicinal purposes. In this article, we will be discussing How much CBD should I take?.

There are different forms of CBD oil like – CBD isolate; a pure form of CBD, Broad- Spectrum CBD; which contains all the compounds extracted from the cannabis plant except THC and Full-Spectrum CBD; this form contains all the compounds available in the cannabis plant along with a small amount of THC like about 0.3% as per the regulations by FDA.

Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief

What are the different ways in which you can intake CBD?

CBD can be found in oil, tinctures, edibles, capsules, topical, and vape juices.

  1. For oil and tinctures, take them under your tongue; the action is fast if taken here rather than swallowing it.
  2. For the edibles, available as gummies in different fruity flavors, people cannot understand that these gummies contain CBD and should be consumed orally. Still, these gummies take time to get into their action as these gummies need to melt in your mouth.
  • The pills or the capsules should be taken orally by gulping them with water or letting the capsule melt in your mouth. This form needs time to react.
  1. The creams, lotions, patches, and ointments; should be applied to the skin for any muscle pain, rashes, pimples, etc., effective in almost all tiny skin-related problems.
  2. The CBD-infused juices should be inhaled from a vaporizer. They react very fast. It should be taken only after doctors prescribe it, as these products might elevate lung disease.

Amount of CBD a human being must intake-

  • For anxiety, one should intake 300mg to 600mg per day
  • For selected forms of epilepsy only after being prescribed by the doctor, the patient should intake 2.5mg per kg of the person’s body weight twice a day.
  • Nerve and cancer-related pain intake maximum of 30mg per day for 12 days.
  • For opium-related addiction, one should intake 400mg to 800mg per day
  • For arthritis patients, one should intake 30mg daily for 12 days or use CBD pain relief sprays for 250mg on the spot.


This article mentions the dosage of CBD for different pains or health issues.