Adhesive capsulitis, another name for frozen shoulder, is a common ailment that restricts movement and produces stiffness in the shoulder socket. It can have a major negative influence on a person’s everyday activities and general quality of life if left untreated. A comprehensive pain management program is available through Sinkang Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and it includes specialist care for frozen shoulders. We will discuss effective frozen shoulder treatments in Singapore as well as how Sinkang TCM can aid in pain alleviation and shoulder mobility in this article.

Knowing about Frozen Shoulder

Inflammation and constriction of the shoulder joint pill, which results in pain and limited motion, are symptoms of a frozen shoulder. It normally undergoes three phases: freezing, frozen, and melting, and develops gradually. Although the precise origin of a shoulder that is frozen is yet unknown, certain medical disorders, extended immobilization, and trauma may all play a role in its onset.

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The Pain Management Program of Sinkang TCM

Customized remedies for frozen shoulders are among the holistic pain management options that Sinkang TCM excels in the offering. To provide efficient and individualized care, their pain management program mixes traditional Chinese medicine methods with contemporary approaches. Sinkang TCM offers thorough assessments and individualized treatment strategies to address the underlying causes of frozen shoulders with a team of skilled TCM practitioners.

Chinese medicine used traditionally for frozen shoulder

TCM approaches healthcare holistically, emphasizing balance restoration and encouraging the body’s healing processes. For the treatment of frozen shoulder, Sinkang TCM employs several TCM methods, including treatment with acupuncture herbal remedies, tuina (therapeutic massage), & the cupping process therapy. These methods seek to soothe discomfort, lessen swelling, enhance blood flow, and regain mobility in the shoulder joint.

Plans for Individualized Treatment

Each patient’s frozen shoulder treatment singapore program is customized to meet their specific needs. TCM practitioners determine the root cause of disturbances and patterns causing the frozen shoulder through a thorough assessment. This enables them to createindividualized treatment plans that could combine acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, and lifestyle advice.

Getting Permanent Comfort and Mobility

At Sinkang TCM, treating frozen shoulder aims to increase shoulder mobility and provide long-term relief in addition to symptom management. Sinkang TCM seeks to improve general health by addressing the underlying causes of the problem and providing complete care to rebuild joint function, lessen inflammation and discomfort, and minimize other symptoms. Their strategy focuses on enabling people to take an active role in their healing process.


Sinkang TCM’s discomfort management program provides a comprehensive strategy to relieve pain, increase mobility, and improve your general well-being if you’re looking for effective frozen shoulder therapy in Singapore. Sinkang TCM can assist you in recovering from a frozen shoulder and regaining the freedom to carry out everyday activities without suffering thanks to the inclusion of traditional Chinese medicine procedures, individualized treatment programs, and skilled TCM practitioners.