Nursing aids are professionals having extensive daily contact with the patients. They keep the nurse and doctors posted on the patient’s condition, like vitals. So, they play a medical, emotional, and psychological role in their recovery process. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, and old age facilities and provide home care. Their primary job is to help the patients in their daily tasks and activities and keep their superiors informed. So, here are the specifications of a nursing aide in singapore job profile.

Basic information

Nurse aides or nursing assistants are professionals working under Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses (RG and LPN, respectively). They hold GED or high school diplomas. Apart from these, they also need to clear state-approved training sessions and programs. These programs are usually provided by medical facilities, community colleges, and online schools.

Role of nursing aides in hospitals

Their job is to provide patients assistance with their daily life tasks. Some of these include toileting, bathing, feeding, dressing, helping with mobility, and more. They provide help with these tasks to patients of all ages.

nursing aide in singapore job

The tasks performed by a nurse’s assistant are as follows.

  1. Feeding
  2. Dressing
  3. Skincare and bathing
  4. Hair and mouth care
  5. Catheter and toileting assistance
  6. Making beds for the patients
  7. Bladder and bowel care
  8. keeping a note of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, etc.
  9. Helping with gait belts, cane, and other patient devices
  10. Changing IV fluid and urine bags of bedridden patients
  11. Helping patients walk in the park
  12. Assisting with exercises and physiotherapy
  13. Helping patients with wheelchairs and other devices for mobility
  14. Turning and repositioning bedridden or coma patients
  15. Safety awareness of the patients
  16. Observing behavioral changes in the patients (if any)
  17. Reporting any issues to the registered nurse or other superiors
  18. Documenting the patient’s recovery progress in terms of medical parameters
  19. Post-mortem care
  20. Keeping their superiors posted on the progress of any issues

These may seem a lot to do to an aspirant. However, a nurse’s assistant does not perform all these things at a time. It depends on the patient’s requirement, the treatment process, and the patient’s condition. Some patients may not need help with most of these tasks.


Tertiary education is not a requirement for landing a nursing aide in singapore job. However, an aspirant would need to complete their CNA training and earn a diploma or certificate. Several vocational and community colleges and technical schools offer such training programs. The courses include subjects like medical terminology, anatomy, and pharmacology.