Although exercises and sports are essential parts of our lifestyle and can be very fulfilling, there is always the risk of dental emergencies and other physical injuries. All professional athletes have experienced getting hurt while playing the sport, and according to their reports, oral damage is one of the most painful experiences. Imagine how you would feel if you lost one or more teeth due to sports damage? Tooth loss is one of the concerning dental emergencies that can affect your life in many ways, including talking, eating, smiling, and communicating. As a dedicated and experienced dentist at Emergency Dental Office explains, sometimes you may not lose your tooth but have it severely fractured and chipped because of sport-related injuries. Fortunately, many skilled emergency dentists have years of experience in treating patients with sport-related emergencies. It’s important to visit a professional emergency dentist as soon as you can to save your natural tooth if it’s possible. As we mentioned, a fractured tooth, especially in the root part, is one of the common emergencies among people who play sports, and in this article, we explain how you can keep your teeth safe and prevent such accidents.

What Are the Different Types of Emergency Tooth Root Fractures?

According to studies, root fracture is a dental emergency that involves the pulp, dentin, and cementum. It can occur in any direction, but emergency dentists usually categorize root fractures as vertical or horizontal.

  1. Vertical root fracture: in this type of emergency dental fracture, the cracks begin in the tooth root and then extend into the crown. Vertical root fractures show minimal symptoms at first, which is why you may notice them when it causes further dental emergencies such as infected gums and jawbone. So it explains why you need to visit your emergency dentist to rake X-ray and have a professional checkup to ensure your teeth are still healthy and strong. Otherwise, you may have a tooth extraction or root canal treatment as the only option to choose.
  2. Horizontal root fracture: a sports-related dental trauma can also lead to horizontal root fractures. In this type of fracture, the cracks nearer to your gum line can weaken your teeth more than those closer to the root tip. You can also require stabilization with the aid of a splint if your emergency dentist thinks it’s needed.

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How to Prevent These Types of Dental Emergencies While Playing Sports?

The most popular method that all athletes do is wearing a custom-made mouth guard to keep your teeth safe. Wearing a mouth guard can significantly lessen the risk of dental emergencies like tooth fractures, but choosing a mouth guard that fits your mouth is essential.

How to Take Care of Your Mouth Guard?

  • After choosing a custom-made mouth guard to protect your smile, it’s essential to have adequate information about the correct way of cleaning it.
  • Clean your mouth guard before and after brushing your teeth.
  • Store it in a particular customized container.
  • Bring it with you to your frequent dental checkups with your emergency dentist.

Although your favorite sport can cheer you up, your teeth’ health is valuable and worth carefully maintaining.