As for sativa, the cultivation of indica hemp is also legal in Italy thanks to law number 242/2016. The important thing is that the THC rate remains between 0.2% and 0.6%. If you’re considering growing cannabis at home, you could base your choice of seeds to buy on the usefulness you can derive from the leaf. For example, if you want to consume it for recreational purposes, you can orient yourself toward High-quality CBD gummies. Since it has psychoactive and slightly hallucinogenic effects. Thanks to the high percentage of THC. It is best to drink it throughout the day.

On the contrary, if you suffer from stress, anxiety, or insomnia, hemp indica is ideal for relaxing because CDB helps to relax nerves and muscles.

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Cannabis oil: the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil

Now let’s move on to the derivatives of these two plants. In this aspect, there is a lot of bad information. In fact, many people think that hemp extract and CBD extract are the same things, but this is not the case at all. Let’s see in detail the differences both in terms of use and their properties.

Cannabis oil

One of the substantial differences between cannabis oil and CBD oil is the variety of plants from which it is extracted and from which parts of it, it is obtained. Cannabis oil, commonly called hemp seed oil, is extracted by cold pressing the seeds. This type of oil is very nutritious, rich in protein, and has beneficial properties for health. But it is not purely therapeutic; indeed, its greatest use takes place in the kitchen and in the cosmetic field.

In the case of cannabis oil, the THC can be high. For this reason, in Italy as well as in other countries, its use is illegal.


Cannabidiol oil is extracted entirely from selected hemp plants or flowers, with a high concentration of CBD. The best extraction technique is the one with carbon dioxide, which, although it has a high cost compared to other techniques, is the best because it uses clean methods, without using chemical compounds such as butane or propane.


THC and CDB levels are reversed. In hemp sativa, the THC component reaches very high levels. On the contrary, in hemp indica, CDB is the main cannabinoid;

As for the more technical aspects of cultivation, indica hemp has very fast flowering times, but vegetative growth times are slower. To collect the derivatives of indica hemp, you will have to wait between 6 and 12 weeks, approximately 45 and 90 days, compared to 60-90 days for sativa.