Eyes are beautiful, creepy as a Halloween decoration but most important of the organs. It helps you to see, after all. However, like any other organ in our body, eyes have their own diseases and respective treatments. It is always suggested never to ignore the initial symptoms, go for an eye check-up once every month.

Among all the eye diseases there is one which is a little complex and that is glaucoma. If you are someone living in Honk Kong, and looking for glaucoma surgery HK, then we can help you.

What is glaucoma exactly?

A complicated eye disease that needs to get operated at its advanced stages. People of Hong Kong despite their ages have a risk of evolving glaucoma where unchangeable damage of the optic nerve can result in vision loss permanently.

Glaucoma is known as one of the significant eye diseases all around the world since it leads to narrow visions and in most severe cases it can result in blindness. Hence, this disease is popularly known as the second principal cause of permanent blindness.

Surgery can help, you should contact any surgery center that offers glaucoma surgery HKThe range of the disease traverses from severe to chronic. Chronic glaucoma exhibits no initial signs and it is hard to identify while the optic-nerve is gradually being damaged. Hence, when you go to the doctor for an eye check-up for blurred vision, it could also be caused because of the effect of chronic glaucoma.

eye surgery Hong Kong


Clarity eye and surgery center is one of the eye surgery Hong Kong. The center has specialists to treat Glaucoma. The disease can be classified into four natures, acute, chronic, and congenital and secondary. The faster the ophthalmologists can detect it, the better the outcome of the treatment the center can offer.

Types of equipment required

The center has the required equipment, but for your better understanding, we will give you a gist.

 Two main equipment Carl Zeiss VISUYAG YAG and Carl Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) are needed.

The Carl Zeiss VISUYAG YAG is for the iris incision, posterior capsulotomy, and other treatments. It is a multipurpose laser that not only treats glaucoma but also retinal photocoagulation and secondary cataracts.

The Carl Zeiss Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is utilized to take accurate pictures of the retina and helps to produce a database regarding the macular thickness, glaucomatous early optic disc, and nerve fiber layer of the retina.

If you want to learn more about eye surgery Hong Kong then check their official website, their number is given you can contact them and get an appointment. If you want to know about other optic diseases then check their webpage, they have a detailed layout.