The period of research and studies have shown that the human beings are categorized in eight body type and as per each constitution, they have different diet, ways of treatment and exercise. Constitutions are different patterns of the organ relations and they’re grouped in 8.  Every individual is born with some constitution out of eight possible patterns.  “The eight constitutions are eight different dynamic orders between twelve organs. The twelve organs are the heart, the lung, the pancreas, the liver, the kidney, the small intestine, the large intestine, the stomach, the bladder, the gall bladder, the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve of the autonomic nervous system. The eight dynamic orders of those organs physically and mentally form eight distinctive individualities–those are what we call the eight constitutions.”

Different Characteristic of Each Body Type

There’re 3 unique characteristic of each body type.  First one is hereditary.  Example, as person’s blood type is totally based on blood type of his parents.  ECM or Eight Constitutional Medicine body types are actually hereditary like how genes get inherited from parents.  Second 8 constitution medicine body types characteristic is invariable.  It doesn’t change.  Example, the blood type you’re born with does not change and remains same for your body types.  And third characteristic is every body type is characteristically different from each other. Example, some body types are quite prone to diabetes.  Some body types come with weak gastro-intestine, thus they’re prone to have the herniated stomach.  Other body types come with weak intestine and thus it is simple for them to get diarrhea and large intestine disease.  Some body types may suffer from immune disease, like allergy.


What a person’s body consists of?

An individual body consists of 5 viscera and 5 entrails.  Five viscera include heart, liver, kidney, pancreas and lung. Five viscera are connected directly to the human life vitality.  Suppose the viscera get damaged, your life is in danger.  But, 5 entrails aren’t directly linked to one’s life & many people survive even when the organs are surgically removed.   Every entrails and viscera function and work independently and create their own energy or share their energy with each other to make right balance and maintain their life.

Know the Strength and Weakness of Your Body Type

8 body types are been distinguished by the configuration of strength & weakness of 5 viscera and 5 entrails.  Each of the body types has got distinct characteristics.  Your body types, shape, talents, characters, voice and scent of your body is unique from each other. Example, Hepatonia body type has the strength of following: Heart, Liver, Pancreatic, Lung and Kidney.  Generally, hepatonia body type has the strongest energy of liver and weakest lung energy.