It reverses the effects of air embolism

Surgeries can sometimes result in the introduction of air bubbles in the blood streams. They then block the arteries and affect the circulation of blood. This can be fatal if it is not spotted early enough. The use of the hypobaric chamber helps to break down the bubbles and safely removing them from the body before it can cause any damage. This air bubble can easily deny the brain sufficient oxygen and it can easily result in a stroke or even brain damage.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

If exposed to carbon monoxide, it is possible for this gas to replace oxygen in the blood stream and this will easily cause poisoning that could affect the lungs. If a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning goes to a hypobaric chamber, oxygen will be pumped into the body and replace the carbon monoxide

Improved vision

People who start experiencing vision problems can have the problem rectified when they go into a hypobaric chamber. When blood vessels around the eye are obstructed, vision is usually affected. Improved blood circulation which is the benefited of using the hypobaric chamber ultimately helps in the improvement of vision since the supply of oxygen to the tissues surrounding the eyes reduce the inflammation of the retina.

Reduction of chronic pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain that could be due to muscle inflammation or bone disease, you will be able to begin experiencing relief when you take time to visit a hypobaric chamber. The tissues surrounding the bones tend to get inflamed due to poor supply of blood. Once the blood circulation is restored by spending time in the hypobaric chamber, you shall begin experiencing relief.

Health Benefits of Using the Hypobaric Chambers

Management of trauma and brain damage

The brain relies so much on oxygen for it to perform as it should. The brain is responsible for practically every movement and action of the body. Failure of this vital organ to receive oxygen means that the body is likely to be affected. Patients who have faced traumatic events are also able to cope better once they have enough oxygen and adequate blood circulation in the body.

Management of kidney diseases

Most of the kidney disease and diabetic foot ulcers is due to poor flow of blood in the arteries. Once the circulation of blood is dealt with, the ulcers begin healing and management of the diseases is better. This is made possible with the use of the hypobaric chamber.

Improved hearing

The nerves in the ear are usually affected when there is insufficient supply of oxygen in this part of the body. Oxygen is vital for the body to function optimally. Introducing a patient complaining of sudden loss of hearing can have the situation reversed with the use of a hypobaric chamber.