You probably have heard that doing cardio is one important part in weight loss, but do you know those long and boring sessions of cardio exercise will cause you to burn away all your muscle that makes your metabolism to reduce in the significant way? Basically metabolism is the measurement used commonly to reference amount of the calories that you burn daily. When your metabolism reduces from your cardio practice, it gets tough to burn fat. Since it becomes really hard to burn away fat, and your solution will be more cardio.

How to change it?

You can start sprinting, beating hills, and add high intensity workout in your routine. There’re some types of exercises such as circuit training, which are made to get back your metabolism working at the faster rate. The circuit training involves weight training as well as is a perfect workout to get the lean body that you want. Turbulence training involves short, 45 mins of workouts that is either done at a gym or in home. What is better is you will get the perfect results that you are looking for with 3 workouts per a week, so there is not any need for spending hours in the gym. You will find turbulence training PDF workout sessions that have combination of the “bodyweight” exercises and interval training.  Bodyweight workouts use weight of your body to give resistance than using gym machines and weights.

Turbulence Training Active Program

  • Train three days for a week and alternate between the Workouts A and B.
  • Perform two to four sets per workout and 6 to 8 repetitions of a set.
  • Every workout is resistance training that is followed by the Interval Training.
  • Rest for 1 min between the exercises.
  • Pair “non-competing” workout in supersets.
  • Change your exercises in workout in each 3 weeks!
  • Conclude every workout with the Interval Training.
  • Get all your nutrition together! Reduce your intake of calorie by eliminating the processed carbohydrates and saturated fat from the diet.
  • Perform two warm up sets.

Who is it good for?

  • People who do not have time to spend hours in gym in their busy lives. Home exercise program will ensure you do all workouts without going to the gym.
  • Anybody who likes to follow the right workout program.
  • This workout program is designed for everybody who wants to lose fat.

Who must avoid it?

  • People who aren’t in a reasonable physical health. If you are above 40, then check it with your doctor before you start any type of workout program.
  • People who do not like exercise. Suppose you want the weight loss program which does not involve any kind of physical activity maybe you must look for the diet plan.