Co-codamol has 2 painkilling ingredients: codeine and paracetamol. It’s given to relieve the painful conditions where the paracetamol alone isn’t enough. There’re 3 different strengths of the co-codamol drug available, one you can buy without prescription from pharmacy. Amount of paracetamol will be in 3 different strengths are same (500mg), but amount of codeine varies and it determines strength of a preparation. Three tablet strengths will be: 8 mg and 500 mg, 15 mg and 500 mg, and 30 mg and 500 mg, where first number denotes how much of codeine is in a tablet, and second is amount of the paracetamol present so it is very important you keep this information handy when you buy cocodamol online.

What if I take high dose of co-codamol?

  1. Overdose of any paracetamol is quite dangerous and can cause some serious damage to kidneys and liver. Codeine overdose is dangerous as well and will cause reduced consciousness and breathing problems.
  2. You must not exceed your recommended co-codamol dose. Get instant medical advice in an event of overdose with the co-codamol, even though you feel good, due to risk of delayed or serious liver damage.
  3. Alcohol increases risk of the liver damage that will occur if overdose of the paracetamol is taken. Hazards of overdose are higher in the persistent heavy drinkers as well as alcoholic people.

Co-codamol One of the Best Painkillers in the Market

Before using co-codamol

Some drugs aren’t suitable for the people with some conditions, and at times medicine will just be used in case more care is taken. So, for such reasons, before you take co-codamol, it’s very important your doctor knows:

  • If you’ve any problem in a way liver works, or problem in a way the kidneys work.
  • If you’re pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • If you’ve breathing problems, like asthma and COPD.
  • If you’ve prostate problems and difficulties in passing urine.
  • If you’ve problems with the thyroid and adrenal glands.
  • If you are told to have low pressure or abnormal heart rhythm.
  • If you’ve gallstones or problem with the gallbladder and bile duct.
  • If you’ve epilepsy.
  • If you’ve condition causing any muscle weakness, or myasthenia gravis.
  • If you are constipated for a week or more and have inflammatory bowel problem.
  • If you are dependent on the drugs and alcohol.
  • If you’ve recently had severe head injury.
  • If you’re taking other medicines. It includes medicines you’re taking that are accessible to buy without prescription, and complementary and herbal medicines.
  • If you’ve ever had any allergic reaction to the medicine.

Co-codamol is possible to affect your actions and ability to drive. Never drive till you know how the drug affects you.