The plant stano ester product contains the ingredients that are made from the vegetable oil and plant stanols to provide the significant health benefits, when it comes to lowering down the cholesterol level in your body. Naturally the plant stano ester is found in certain kinds of foods such as grains, seeds and edible plants but the levels we get from the normal diet are too low to be effective in lowering down your cholesterol level. The work of plant stanols have structured very similar to that of the cholesterol level which means that they can inhibit the absorption of both dietary and cholesterol that incorporates into bile salts by liver. Major benefit of using the plant stanol esters is that they are poorly absorbed from the gut and these plants are capable of significantly reducing the amount of cholesterol present in your body. This plant lowers the LDL and total blood cholesterol without affecting the HDL and therefore provides the benefit of lowering down the cholesterol. When you are using this stanols then you can reduce your cholesterol level from your blood in easy manner without experiencing any side effects and helps you to be active from morning to evening.

yogurt drinks

Drinking yogurt drinks regularly

  • It has been clinically proved that consuming the 2 grams of plant stanols in your every day diet provide huge number of benefits. After including this plant stanols ester in your diet for 2-3 weeks then your cholesterol level could be lowered down up to 7-10%.
  • Each bottle of the yogurt drinks contain 2 grams of plant stanols esters in it where you can take the benecol yogurt drink in your daily diet or you can also have it with your meal. It is also suggested that taking the yogurt drinks along with the regular exercise and balanced diet routine will help you to maximize the cholesterol effect in your body.

When you are maintaining the cholesterol level in your body with the help of this plant stanols esters and yogurt drinks then you can lead a happy and healthier life without getting any health issues in your body. This cholesterol lowering product is found to be best one in offering the high quality of results to the people and it does not exhibits any side effects to your body. Comparing to other cholesterol lowering products available in the market the yogurt drinks and the plant stanols is found to be the best product that contains the natural ingredients in it to provide the best results to the people. If you want to increase your cholesterol level in short duration of time then usage of these yogurt and plant stanols products is found to be a better choice.