The IPL hair removal in full form known as intense pulsed light hair removal. This aims at the dark pigment around the follicle of hair for damaging it in a sufficient manner to make the hair fall out and inhibit the capability to regrow. The dark pigment that is found in both your skin and hair and which identifies its colour called as melanin pigment. This is dense pigment which is at the hair root base for providing a better target for the pulses of light which is powerful emitted from the device of IPL. There are many ipl hair removal salons present where you can get this treatment. When the light from the device is absorbed by this pigment, it creates energy of heat and it causes the damage. The hair which is growing is going to fall out within one and two weeks after the treatment. Sometimes, you might feel that this thing is bit risky. However, there are few side effects which are transient and mild. It is important to take some precaution and this treatment might not be suitable for all the people. 

What are the common side effects of IPL hair removal treatment?

When you do IPL treatment, you would likely feel redness or tenderness of your skin with slight swelling. This can be elevated by applying soothing antiseptic gel and cooling within one or two days. You might also observe some change in pigment which fades after some weeks.

Hair Removal By Laser Treatment

Some of the risks when IPL hair removal is not suitable to you:

This hair removal is most suitable to the one with dark hair and light while there are various innovation advances to extend the IPL scope. This is due to the powerful comparison between the skin melanin and the hair follicle of target. If your skin has a tone which is dark then there is a danger of light absorbed by melanin and also follicle which leads to permanent scars, burns, or blistering in most of the extreme cases.

There is a numerical table called Fitzpatrick scale which rates the tones of skin by their response to the ultra violet rays. If you have one to four range then IPL treatment is good for you. So, if you are thinking to go for a salon for expert treatment then the practitioner is going to suggest you. If you are thinking to purchase a device for use at house then it might have a skin tone sensor which is inbuilt that you must utilize after every treatment. This will stop the equipment from working as it detects the unsafe and unsuitable skin tone. Additionally, to a skin tone, you have to take into account about your hair colour. IPL is not efficient and suitable for all with white, red, or grey hair.

Few situations occur with the utilization of IPL for safe removal of hair

Skin conditions: The conditions like psoriasis occurs if you have photosensitive skin and if you are being treated for any disorder of chronic. So, consult a dermatologist at first.

Pregnancy: This is not at all suggested during the pregnancy.

Tanned skin: Don’t use IPL treatment if your skin is sunburnt or tanned. You have to wait for some weeks.

Moles: This hair removal doesn’t suit for removing hair from moles

Tattoos: The people with tattooed skin shouldn’t use IPL treatment.

You have to read the safety precaution if you have bought a home IPL machine. If you are doubtful it is advised to seek the doctor’s advice. Thus, these are some of the side effects which occur while you do IPL hair removal treatment.