Now, you are going to face on more problem or issues in regular life.  Skin care is one of the most important to considering to the women and men. If you are using a harsh facial product, cold water and some skin problem will occurred by your face. With is comes at running nose or eczema, and then make the skin dry under the nose. Generally dry skin is not big problem, which it is easy to treat with few second in your home remedies. If you can turn ignored in dry skin may be leads through more several complications such as bleeding or bacterial infection. So you are necessarily considered to prevent and dry skin under your nose.

How to Treating dry skin

  • First of all, you required for all loose dead skin cell and directly care of your dry skin. If you can affecting secondary infection of bacterial infection and open wound that you use for gentle skin cleaners and war water to do clean your face. You can use mild soaps to cleaner with added in essential oils. You must avoid alcohol based cleaner.
  • Use ice cube on the area of the lessen inflammation. If you have dry skin is swollen, red or inflamed under your nose that you can use wrap of ice cube. It is a paper towel and applies for over the area for couple of minutes and then reduces pain and inflammation. Wrap it is a clean cloth or paper towel without redness pain when dry skin.

  • You must use some of the natural product to do prevent fry skin. You can try to apply for sunflower seed oil or hemp seed oil that they are contain full of vitamin E and a fatty acids to repair your skin. You can also apply coconut oil directly of your skin.

Preventing Dry Skin

Preventing dry skin is have many way includes like keep shower or bath times shorter. Bathing in excess is possible to remove the natural oil of your skin. You can do limit your regular showers or bath at least five to ten minutes do not wash your skin and face under nose.   With wash off hot water that is all of the natural oil from the skin so you must wash your shower or face with lukewarm water.  You often do not use harsh soaps that are like to dry out of your skin.