If you are one among those people who are fed up of trying to quite the habit of smoking but just failed completely every time, then here is the best solution. You can quit smoking still enjoying smoking with every puff. Do you wonder how? The answer is electronic cigarettes. Though most of you must be aware about the electronic cigarettes called as the e-cigar, is now the trend in market with many people moving towards these products. Smoking the usual tobacco cigar causes cancer, heart disease, obesity and more and more health hazards. It is said that the life span of human beings are drastically reduced when smoking rather than drinking alcohol.

This is the reason why many people want to quit this dreadful habit but now this e-cig has made things completely possible with no much of money and time spent over it. If you want to try the e-cig the first thing you need to understand is that these cigarettes do not cause any harm effects to the body. Secondly they give the same pleasure as that of smoking the normal cigarettes. The benefit is that you slowly enjoy smoking these e-cigars which then becomes a sole habit you which still results in no harmfulness.

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