CASE #1: Delta-8 was originally created by the military for use as a “truth serum”, but was quickly discontinued because of severe, unpredictable side effects. It’s mostly used now for recreational purposes because of its powerful euphoric and psychedelic effects. The subject will experience an intense trip that lasts approximately 5 minutes (or somewhat longer, depending on dosage). The major issue with it is the risk of adverse consequences if users cannot quickly remove themselves from unpleasant or dangerous situations while they are under the influence.

Who sells the best Delta 8 online? You can buy online comfortably. The main value in keeping this drug legal is to provide law enforcement with an invaluable tool when questioning resistant suspects out in the field. When administered correctly, DELTA-8 drastically reduces the mental faculties needed to tell lies or deceive, which makes getting the truth out of a suspect much easier.

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CASE #2: Users report an extremely pleasurable, euphoric sensation shortly after the drug has been administered. They say it feels like your brain is being massaged from the inside by the warm liquid fire. Delta 8 online also enhances touch sensitivity, which many find arousing – especially when combined with visual stimulus. The accelerated mental state caused by this drug allows users to explore their own psyche more fully than they normally would, which can provide valuable insight into hidden corners of their psyche that might have gone unexplored previously. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to high doses of this drug often leads to extreme psychological dependence and addiction.

Though Delta- is almost always taken by ingestion in pill or liquid form, it can also be snorted in powder form if finely crushed. All forms of ingestion are likely to lead to adverse effects like nausea and vomiting, though snorting the drug is especially abrasive on the nasal tissues and may cause tissue damage over time.

CASE #3: DELTA-8 melts into a liquid at approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit (body temperature). So long as the chemical isn’t allowed to exceed this temperature for an extended period of time, users can safely inject themselves with a syringe without risk of damage to blood vessels or nearby tissues. It’s important that they do not allow their core body temperature to rise while affected by DELTA-8.