Effective therapy involves taking medicines as prescribed by the doctor. The delivery of the drug at home helps patients to follow the path of care, relieving them from the stress of traveling and ensuring the highest quality from collection to delivery. .

In addition to being a convenience, the delivery of the drug at home is one of the services that can increase patients’ adherence to therapy. Consistently taking the medications prescribed by your doctor, monitoring your supplies and going to the pharmacy to stock up on new packs may appear to be tasks that are not difficult to complete My Medadvisor.

The benefits of home delivery of the drug

However, if we consider that for many chronic diseases the dispensing of drugs is the exclusive responsibility of hospital pharmacies, the journeys that patients, or their caregivers, have to face in order to obtain drugs become significant obstacles, which could induce patients to stop treatment. waiting to refuel. Being able to receive the drug at home, without facing uncomfortable travel

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Helps to ensure the consistency of therapy;

Improves the quality of life of patients;

It generates savings for patients and their families, which can be quantified not only in costs for travel but also in days of work no longer lost to supply only medicines.

The Patient Support Program and Proactive Delivery

To improve patient adherence to therapy, Patient support programs  are the most effective solution. Patient support programs not only ensure that the patient is supported at every stage of the care process, but also ensure the correct and recurrent delivery of the drug at home, responding to the needs not only of patients, but also of pharmacies and doctors. To carry out the home delivery of hospital-dispensed drugs is in fact essential

Involve hospital pharmacists;

Ensure that the drug is withdrawn and travels at a controlled temperature and according to the highest quality standards;

Plan pick-ups with the pharmacy and deliveries with patients;

Coordinate any delays or deferrals in collection or delivery.

Efficient logistics

Domedica, in the provision of Patient support programs that provide for the delivery of the drug at home, makes use of the partnership of suppliers of excellence in the field of drug transport, which operate both nationally and internationally. Domedica is able to at any time

  • Check the position of the means of transport;
  • Control the temperature at which the drug travels;
  • Receive information on the outcome of the delivery.

The delivery of the drug at home is another of the services with which Domedica supports doctors and patients to obtain the maximum efficiency from therapy, avoiding interruptions related to the difficulty of supplying and increasing the quality of life of patients, who can dedicate the time and the resources saved for more enjoyable and valuable activities for themselves and their families.