Your relative or friend may have had to experience a serious illness or accident. Once this happens, you’re likely to be afraid or worried. Yet, knowing more about the emergency clinic can aid you to feel less anxious.

What is an emergency clinic?           

 An emergency clinic or also called an emergency room (ER) is a department in a medical center or hospital. Unlike a doctor’s office, it is not necessary to have an appointment. Yet, that means a lot of people may need treatment at all the same time. By that time, the most acute problems are handled first. Once you feel something changed in your condition, the triage nurse must be aware of your condition.

What to do once you arrive at the ER? 

As soon as you arrive at a medical center or hospital, you need to talk to a triage nurse. This is a nurse well-equipped in emergency care. She or He will ask about your condition or problem. Your temperature, blood pressure, the pulse will be checked by the nurse. You’ll see a doctor immediately if you have a severe injury or illness. Or else, you may be asked to patiently wait. While people with a more serious illness or injury are treated first. While you’re waiting, you may undergo some lab or X-rays to determine the cause of your illness. 

Emergency care           

In the ER, a team of doctors or a doctor, nurses will care for you. You may be requested for some blood work, X-rays, or any other tests. You will have to wait for the results of any tests you take. You may also need a doctor who specializes in handling your problems. Meanwhile, you may be comfortable as possible. Once your condition chances, let your nurse or doctor right away with what you feel. Let someone check with your health insurance provider. Once they inform you they like to keep you for observation yet not for admission to the hospital.

Most of the emergency room provides a 24-hour full service created to give emergency care. For all sorts of medical emergencies, illnesses, or diseases that need immediate medical attention.

emergency clinic

List of typical emergencies in an emergency clinic: 

  • Burn Patients
  • Minor and major fractures
  • Heart attack
  • Minor Injuries
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Pulmonary Diseases
  • Minor Trauma
  • Poisoning
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Broken bones

There are a lot of types of clinics, some are associated with a hospital or university, while others are stand-alone. You can also find some health clinics in a retail store. The services provided by every type of clinic can differ too. Several types of clinics provide a wide range of healthcare services while some give specialized care. Once you or your family experienced pain or any unusual condition, you must visit an emergency clinic right away.